I’m still a toddler, spiritually!

I’m still a toddler, spiritually!

Andrew’s new favorite word is “down!” 

He wants *down* from the changing table mid-diaper 🤣
He wants *down* from the high chair mid-meal 🤣

He wants what HE wants…now. He doesn’t have time to wait and he doesn’t trust those who are providing for him that they know what is best. 💓

How often I want to run away mid-God’s will.
How often I struggle with patience and trust.
How much I want to tantrum when things get challenging and my energy is low.

Seasons of parenting can be long, tiring even make you question your very core. 
“Can I really do this?” 
“Do my kids love me?” 
“How can I get through this day?” 
“Who even am I anymore and when is bedtime?”

No matter how hard things get, I know there are a few things that always help me to press through that tantrum moment and remember what is true and what is best:

1. Run to God and ask for His grace, just for that moment.
2. Adoration and sacraments always help. And if I can’t get there, praying the Psalms and quiet time to listen to His voice help immensely.
3. Cling to friends and family for encouragement. Ask for what you need!
4. Give yourself permission to spend 30-45 minutes daily on sweating out all of the stress. Exercise is a huge mood/energy boost and makes everything lighter!
5. Get up before the kids and find a morning routine! Mine includes time for gratitude, affirmations, goals, to-do list and reading a book that focuses on something I need to work on personally. Amazing what 15 minutes can do!
6. Make your nutrition a priority. What you feed your body matters! And it can definitely make a difference in how you feel and how you take care of your little ones.


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As a homeschooling mama of 3 and a lover of fitness, food and authentic femininity; it’s my passion to share with the world how happy one can be living a healthy lifestyle centered on Christ, simplicity, and healthy eating habits.